Last week, the Plymouth Community School Corporation (PCSC) Transportation Department embarked on a mission to tackle hunger in our community. Through their “Driving out Hunger” fundraiser, they rallied the support of Plymouth teachers, students, and residents in an inspiring display of generosity.

From March 4th to 8th, PCSC Transportation called upon locals to contribute non-perishable food items. The goal was ambitious yet heartwarming: to stock the shelves of Bread of Life Community Food Pantry, Marshall County Neighborhood Center, and Plymouth Wesleyan Church with essential supplies for those in need.

The response from the community was nothing short of incredible. Donations poured in from various drop-off points, including PCSC school front offices, the Plymouth Public Library, Butterfly Boutique, and Simply Stated Gifts. Plymouth residents, known for their tight-knit community spirit, united for a cause that touched the lives of their neighbors.

But the culmination of this drive was the highly anticipated “Stuff a Bus” event held at Martin’s Super Market over the weekend. On Saturday, March 9th, a PCSC bus parked outside the store, ready to receive donations from Plymouth’s giving residents.

And overflow it did. Seven full boxes of food items were collected for each pantry on the list, amounting to more than 350 pounds of donations for each organization. That is over 1,000 total pounds of donated food in a week. Among the bountiful contributions were at least 75 boxes of Mac and Cheese for each pantry!

Theresponse to this fundraiser was an overwhelming display of generosity from the Plymouth community.