Indiana is in the midst of Severe Weather Preparedness Week!

This annual week-long event aims to give the public a better understanding of the severe weather Indiana is vulnerable to with tips on how to prepare for thunderstorms.

The statewide tornado drill will take place on Tuesday, March 12, at 10:15 am. Marshall County Dispatch will be sounding the sirens they control – around Bourbon, Culver, and Plymouth.

Other communities are encouraged to participate in activating their sirens and tornado response plans. Schools, businesses, and even individual families should educate each other on their severe weather procedures and pinpoint the safest spot at their location to seek shelter.

As we all know, the Indiana weather is extremely unpredictable. Don’t get caught off guard and have a way to receive severe weather alerts! Marshall County residents can download the county app on their smartphones for instant warning when severe weather appears imminent.

Further educational information will be posted throughout the week on the Marshall County EMA Facebook page.

Provided by Marshall County EMA