During this week’s Plymouth Board of Zoning Appeals meeting, City Attorney Jeff Houin brought up the Harman Restaurants project at the corner of South Michigan and LaPorte Streets.

The property was purchased at 101 South Michigan Street in June of 2022 with the plan to open a restaurant and brewery in the location. 

Because the property sits adjacent to the Yellow River, and they plan to have two decks that would be in the flood plain they are required to obtain a permit from the DNR.  During Tuesday’s meeting, the Plymouth Building Inspector Dennis Manuwal said the permit was approved.

The Attorney said, “Under Federal rules, the city is required to notify the owner of the likely increase to the flood insurance should they choose to or are required to purchase flood insurance.”     

On December 5th, 2023, the Plymouth Board of Zoning Appeals approved a variance request by Tim Harman to grant a variance of Flood Hazard Standards. 

In the letter from the City Attorney, it states, “I am notifying you that a variance to construct a structure below the Base Flood Elevation (BFE) will result in increased flood insurance premium rates for flood insurance up to amounts as high as $25 for $100 of insurance coverage.  Furthermore, construction below the BFE will increase risks to life and property.”

The letter also recommends that the owner receiving the variance inform any future purchasers of the variance, as well as increased flood insurance premium rates and increased risk to the property.

Receiving the DNR permit will allow Mr. Harman to continue with the remodeling process.