Marshall County Highway Superintendent Jason Peters updated the county commissioners on activities in his department.

Peters presented dozens of road cuts, bores and requests to work in the county’s right-of-way.  CCI Systems is installing fiber for Comcast in the northwestern part of the county and had 43 permits to be approved, 21 in Polk Township, 16 in North Township and 6 in West Township.  Peters also presented a farmer’s request to trench on the County Line Road between 3B and 2B Road for a drainage tile replacement.  Stone Excavating requested a bore on Lawrence Lake Drive for a sewer line while BrightSpeed is installing fiber from Nutmeg to Olive Trail and NIPSCO asked to work in the right-of-way on 1st Road from Tamarack to Redwood for pole replacement.  The Commissioners approved all requests.

Superintendent Peters said work on Bridge #11 on Union Road was to start this week.  The closure is for 120 days with the reopening scheduled for July 31st.  He also told the commissioners bridge #1 on Ule Trail is set for bidding on November 18th while the bid letting for bridge # 232 on Randolph Street in Plymouth will happen in October.

County Highway employees are preparing for the upcoming roadwork season.  They are patching, brush chopping, ditching, and working on gravel roads.  They are also getting equipment ready and anticipate getting started earlier this year with the mild weather on a few roads.

Superintendent Peters also started the process of discussing a new lease program for new dump trucks for 2025-26.