Adam Parkhouse, Director of Stakeholder Services for the Indiana Department of Transportation out of the LaPorte District updated Mayor Robert Listenberger on the new bridge project over the railroad on U.S. 31 between 13th and 14th Roads today. 

In an email, he said, “On Wednesday, crews will be setting beams for the new bridge. There are six individual beam settings that will take place throughout the day, each one requiring a full closure of no longer than 30 minutes as the crane lowers each beam into place. Typically, they get them in place quicker than that, especially after they get that first one out of the way, so hopefully that’s the case.”

Parkhouse gave some additional information on activities that will be happening later this week and into next week as part of the new railroad bridge project on U.S. 31.

Following the installation of the bridge beams on Wednesday, the next few days there will be some shorter-term closures of 10 to 15 minutes each while the cranes are disassembled. Between Thursday and Friday, there will be up to eight total closures while one crane is disassembled, then eight more closures on Monday and Tuesday, March 11th and 12th while the other crane is disassembled.