Attorney General Todd Rokita today expressed his strong support for an antisemitism measure as passed unanimously by the Indiana House of Representatives — before the proposal’s most meaningful components were gutted by an Indiana Senate committee. 

“By overwhelming margins, Hoosiers stand with Israel and the Jewish people,” Attorney General Rokita said. “That means explicitly endorsing, in its entirety, the language and perspective of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA). If we distance ourselves from the IHRA’s definition of antisemitism, we will be left with a law that is watered down and weak.” 

The original version of this bill, passed unanimously by the House, provided a uniform definition to increase awareness of anti-Jewish discrimination and increase predictable enforcement, especially in our schools – ranging from kindergarten to college. The Senate removed language condemning hateful calls for the destruction of Israel — bowing to misguided arguments that terms like “From the River to the Sea” and “Globalize the Intifada” are directed at Israel, not specific Jewish people or organizations. 

“We must do better,” Attorney General Rokita said. “The only way to fix this is to pass this Senate version, which was made toothless, so the House can make it correct again in conference committee. Anything less than that is a betrayal of Jewish individuals and the whole notion of equal protection under the law.” 

This bill defines antisemitism and provides that antisemitism is discrimination on the basis of religion. 

A new study by the Anti-Defamation League found 73% of Jewish college students have experienced or witnessed antisemitism since the start of this school year. This, combined with the devastating attacks on Israel on October 7, raised awareness and encouraged the General Assembly to push this bill. Attorney General Rokita has rigorously supported this bill to further shield the people of the Jewish faith.  

Attorney General Rokita has always been a strong advocate for the Jewish community. Throughout his years as a public servant, serving as Secretary of State, a Member of Congress, and now as Indiana’s Attorney General, Rokita has stood in solidarity with Israel and will continue fighting to preserve religious freedom in the Hoosier state.