The last weekend in February, the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute (ICJI) honored 21 police officers for their work in reducing drug-impaired driving.

The officers are a part of the state’s Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) program. This program trains officers to recognize drivers who are under the influence of drugs. They are often called to assist with traffic stops with the goal of keeping impaired drivers off the road.

During the awards ceremony at the Indiana State Fairgrounds, 18 officers received longevity awards, one officer received a performance award, another officer was recognized with the Officer of the Year Award and another officer received the Instructor of the Year Award.

“These awards stand as a testament to the dedication and expertise of those who work tirelessly to keep our roads safe from impaired drivers,” said Devon McDonald, Executive Director of the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute.  

Locally, State Police Officer David Caswell was honored in Marshall County for being with the department for 10 years.