Plymouth City Attorney Jeff Houin presented Executive Order 2024-01 for ratification by the city council during their meeting on Monday. 

The attorney told board members he was contacted by the USGS who currently has a monitoring box and equipment on the historic footbridge on LaPorte Street in River Park Square. They were requesting additional monitoring equipment to expand their monitoring services.  The new box would be on the east end of the bridge with installation scheduled to begin on Monday, February 26th, before the city meetings.

Houin discussed the request with Mayor Listenberger who in turn spoke with Mayor pro tem Don Ecker.   They agreed to have an executive order prepared to allow the installation to begin before the Board of Public Works and Safety board meeting.  Then during the city meeting the board ratified the order.

The attorney also presented a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the City of Plymouth and Marshall County for the installation of a hydrant at the fire training tower facility on the jail property. 

Chief Holm received some grant money for the project which will create additional training opportunities at the site. 

Utility Superintendent Donnie Davidson looked at the project and determined the best way to complete the task was to tap into the existing water main that provides fire protection to the jail.

The city attorney appeared before the County Commissioner last week and received their signatures for the MOU and the Board of Public Works approved the mayor’s signature on the agreement.