Newly appointed, Plymouth Police Chief John Weir announced the results of the recent promotion process during the Board of Public Works and Safety meeting on Monday.

Police Sergeants Ray West, Ryan Richey, and Timothy Taberski facilitated the promotion process by interviewing nine prospects for the Corporal position.

Chief Weir announced the promotions during the meeting.  Corporal Travis Schieber will be assigned to midnights, Corporal Ben McIntyre will be assigned to the day shift, and Corporal Joshua Baker will be assigned to the second shift.

Derek Workman was named Detective, and Richard Ayala will serve as the Assistant Detective.

Chief Weir told the Board of Public Works & Safety that he opened the second position for School Resource Officer (SRO) and a K-9 position. 

An offer of employment was made for the Police Aide position to Amanda Potter. She comes to the Police Department with 7 years of experience from the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department where she helped start the CAD system.  Potter has various certifications used in the law enforcement system and will begin working for the city on March 1st.  Becky Carswell will help train her in the position. 

Two employees of the Plymouth Police Department are retiring today.  Former Police Chief David Bacon and Police Aide Becky Carswell will conclude their time at the PD.

Chief Bacon started his career at the Plymouth Police Department on May 1, 1991.  He moved up the ranks very quickly.  Chief Weir said Dave was his sergeant when he first got hired in 1999.  Former Police Chief, Jim Cox appointed Bacon Assistant Chief and in 2013 Dave was appointed Chief by former Mayor Mark Senter.     

Chief Weir said Chief Bacon helped get the CAD system in place, added the body-worn cameras, implemented the take-home car policy, and designed the department’s new department patch.

Chief Weir said Becky Carswell started with the department as a part-time dispatcher in August 1992 under Chief Babcock.  She started parking enforcement in 1999 and in January 2002 Chief Chamberline hired her as full-time and a multitask person.  When Central Dispatch came in, her position was changed to Police Aid.  Becky has served under 6 chiefs in her career.

Chief Weir said he will miss her smiling face and her monthly breakfast casserole.    

Today Bacon and Carswell will be honored at the Plymouth Police Department with an Open House from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.