Members of the Culver Town Council considered the rezoning request of Bonnie and Wayne Neidlinger for their 40 acres at 16323 Redwood Road, within the jurisdiction of the Culver 2-mile zoning district.

Council President Bill Cleavenger told the council the Culver Plan Commission sent the request on to the Culver Town Council with a favorable request after conducting a public hearing on the request on February 22nd.  The property was zoned Suburban Residential (S-1) and the request was to return it to agriculture (A-1). 

Cleavenger opened a public hearing for the ordinance request.

Culver Town Manager Kevin Danti read a letter from Steve Gorski, the Culver Building Commissioner who was unable to attend.  The letter said the Technical Review Committee and the Culver Plan Commission both gave favorable recommendations to the request.

Neidlinger said in 2013 the rezoning of his property changed from A-1 to S-1 and he was not sure why the change happened.  He said it was done by the Town of Culver while he was living in Florida.

Danti said the surrounding property in the area is all A-1.

Neidlinger plans on growing crops and having a hay field on his acreage, thus the request to put the property back to the A-1 zoning.    

With no other comments, the Culver Town Council motioned to approve the rezoning request of Wayne and Bonnie Neidlinger for their property at 16323 Redwood Road.  The board suspended the rules and passed the ordinance on all three readings.