In case you missed it, last Friday Congressman Rudy Yakym

(IN-02) wrote an op-ed in the South Bend Tribune on legislation he is introducing to improve access to timely mental health care for veterans with complex mental health challenges. This legislation will be named after retired Sergeant Ted Grubbs, a veteran and Second District constituent who was diagnosed with service-connected complex post-traumatic stress disorder and complex traumatic brain injury after returning from duty.

It is the VA’s job to provide quality and timely in-person care to veterans in a state of crisis,” Rep. Yakym wrote. “And if the VA cannot do so, then it must provide the veteran with the resources to find quality and timely care at an approved non-VA provider. Ted’s story exposed a major gap in how the VA treats veterans experiencing a mental health crisis.”

“That is why next week, I will be introducing legislation to help veterans like Ted that need immediate assistance for a mental health crisis,” Rep. Yakym continued. “My legislation, the Sergeant Ted Grubbs Mental Healthcare for Disabled Veterans Act, will require the VA to provide a veteran with mental healthcare within five days if they have a 50% or more disability rating related to a mental health disorder. For context, this includes veterans experiencing things like frequent panic attacks and mood swings, as well as those having regular thoughts of suicide. This population has mental health needs that the VA is currently not meeting.”

“We must always remember that America is only the land of the free because of the brave – because of people like Ted,” Rep. Yakym concluded. “We owe it to them to make sure they get the help they need in a timely manner. I am grateful that Ted chose to speak up, and I am proud to lead this effort on behalf of him and countless veterans like him to help ensure we do just that.”

Rep. Yakym’s full op-ed can be access HERE.