There’s no question one of the top issues on Americans’ minds is illegal immigration. Senator Mike Bohacek said in a recent release, “Our country is facing a crisis at our southern border, and continued lack of leadership at the federal level is to blame.”

Illegal immigration is largely an issue that falls to the federal government, and with good reason. A total lack of Rule of Law at the southern border threatens all of us.

Our senator said, “Indiana has worked too long and too hard fighting the drug epidemic in our state, and the constant supply of drugs flowing in from our southern border is a direct threat to Hoosiers. That’s why states are stepping up to address this problem to the extent that we can.”

Senator Bohacek said, “Here at the Indiana General Assembly, I am co-authoring Senate Bill 181, which would reinforce our state’s policy against sanctuary cities, which are localities that limit or deny cooperation with federal immigration authorities in enforcing immigration laws.”

Bohacek continued, “Further, to help where we can, Gov. Holcomb recently announced he is sending 50 National Guardsmen to our southern border to support Texas’s efforts to contain the issue. I wrote a letter to Gov. Holcomb urging this sort of action, so I am pleased to see this development and am supportive of his decision to do so.”

Senator Bohacek closed his comments saying, “As your state senator, I’ll continue supporting policies that welcome people to our country who are legally seeking all the freedom and opportunity America has to offer.”

To view the letter sent to Gov. Holcomb, click here.