Marshall County Attorney Jim Clevenger updated the County Commissioners on several items during this week’s meeting.

Clevenger said he’s completed a draft for a Request for Proposals (RFP) for the engineering and architectural firms that may have an interest in determining the scope of repair work that needs to be completed at the county jail.  The firm would also assist in the bidding process and oversee the repairs.

The attorney said he anticipates sending the request for RFPs to several engineering firms the county has contracted with in the past including USI, United Consulting, DLZ, VS Engineering, and DLZ.  He will also post the notice as required. 

Clevenger reminded the commissioners saying, “This isn’t one of those things that the low numbers automatically the winner.  Engineering services don’t go through the bid process.”    

The attorney also told the commissioners that the Marshall County Health Department’s lease has expired, and they would like to continue leasing space in the Community Resource Center.  Director Sandy Dunfee said their preference is to enter a month-to-month lease. Currently, the Health Department is paying $2,385 monthly and the proposed month-to-month lease will be $16 per square foot with a monthly payment of $3,300. Dunfee said they budgeted for the additional cost in the 2024 budget.

The commissioners approved the Health Department’s request for a month-to-month lease. 

Commissioner Stan Klotz said he was on a conference call with Judge Sarber to discuss Community Corrections which needs more room and is looking at options to find or build.  The commissioner suggested the County Health Department and Community Corrections work together to find a joint solution to the space needs.   

In other news, Mr. Clevenger said he’s working with City Attorney, Jeff Houin on a mutual and receptacle Memorandum of Understanding so that if the County Building Inspector is on vacation or the City Building inspector is unavailable, the other person would be able to cover those functions.

The County Commissioners gave the county attorney approval to draft a MOU with the City of Plymouth for Building Inspector services.