Indiana 4-H youth in 7th-12th grade had the opportunity to learn about their state government through a day full of civic engagement and leadership. Participants toured the state house, met representatives, and had the opportunity to serve as student pages.

Marshall County 4-H member, Grace Thomas, attended this year’s visit to the Statehouse and reflected on the opportunity.  “My experiences at the Indiana 4-H Day at the Statehouse were amazing and a life-learning experience. 4-Hers across the state of Indiana met at the Indiana State Fairgrounds on Monday night February 12th and did team bonding activities.  Which gave me the opportunity to meet other 4-Hers in other Indiana counties.”

She continued, “On Tuesday, February 13th we all gathered at the Indiana Statehouse to learn about the legislative process and had the opportunity to meet State Representative Jack Jordan from Marshall County.  I was able to have a one-on-one talk with Mr. Jordan and learned that they are trying to pass a new bill so 4-H trips can be excused from schools.  I also discussed with him how he got into politics and became a state representative.  I also received a House of Representatives, Seal of the State of Indiana gold coin by Representative Jordan.”

Marshall County 4-H members have several trip opportunities throughout the year and many of those trip costs are sponsored by the Marshall County 4-H Council. Anyone interested in learning more or joining Marshall County 4-H can contact the Marshall County Purdue Extension Office at 574-935-8545, email, or visit

There is still time to join 4-H! Youth can explore many different projects including aerospace, gardening, arts and crafts, photography, livestock projects, Junior Leaders, and many more. “Mini 4-H” is open to students K-2nd as a non-competitive introduction to the 4-H program. The 4-H Program is open to all youth in 3rd-12th grade and provides youth educational, leadership, and community service opportunities. 4-H projects are displayed every year at the Marshall County Fair in Argos. You can join by visiting and creating your family profile today!