Rural Hoosier Democrats are running for Statehouse to bring real solutions to their communities and more balanced voices to Indianapolis. 

Phil Gift, Dan Skies, Trish Whitcomb, Kurtis Cummings, and Joe Swisher are campaigning to help everyday, working Hoosier families access childcare, protect rural hospitals, and be advocates for their communities.

Phil Gift is running in District 35, which includes parts of Delaware and Madison counties. Phil is a retired VA nurse with almost 20 years of service to East Central Indiana.

“Phil Gift understands what our veterans and working families go through to access care because he saw it with his own eyes every day for almost 20 years,” said Indiana Democratic Party Chair Mike Schmuhl“Phil will use that experience to help our state recruit more healthcare professionals where they’re badly needed — our rural communities.”

Dan Skies is a lifelong member of the Tippecanoe County community, and is running in District 41, which includes parts of Lafayette, as well as Frankfort and Lebanon. Dan served our state in the Indiana National Guard, and works as a manager at a local family-owned business.

We’re excited to have Dan Skies in this race to represent his lifelong home,” said Schmuhl“We need more hard-working Hoosiers in the Statehouse, and Dan will be a leader to protect our water resources, improve rural infrastructure, and grow the economy with the community in mind.”

Trish Whitcomb is running in House District 69, and looking to restore common sense leadership to the Seymour-based district. It is currently represented by Jim Lucas, who has been mired in controversy, distractions, and legal issues.

“Trish knows how frustrated her community is with Jim Lucas, and she’s running to end his career in Indianapolis, and work for pragmatic, bipartisan solutions for the district,” said Schmuhl“She’ll fight to increase teacher pay, and expand healthcare and childcare availability throughout rural Indiana.”

Kurtis Cummings is a small business owner and successful entrepreneur running to represent southwest Indiana in the Statehouse. District 46 covers parts of Vigo, Clay, Monroe counties, and all of Owen County.

“As a successful small business owner, Kurtis Cummings is ready to give back to his community by serving in the Indiana House,” said Schmuhl“Hoosier families work hard, and deserve access to the best opportunities in the Midwest. Kurtis will bring his experience to create jobs, and help small businesses succeed. When they are successful, all Hoosiers are.”

Joe Swisher is an Army veteran, and served 25 years as an Indiana State Police trooper. Joe is running in District 50 to be the voice for Wabash and Huntington in the State House.

When his state and country needed him, Joe Swisher answered the call,” said Schmuhl. “Joe has given a life of immense service to Indiana, and wants to give back as an advocate for Huntington and Wabash counties at the Statehouse. His years of service with the state police give him the background to be a voice to end drug abuse and truly address mental health for Hoosiers.”