Marshall County Sheriff Matt Hassel released the January 2024 Jail and Sheriff’s Department report. 

Last month there were a total of 138 individuals booked into the Marshall County Jail.  The top 10 reasons why inmates were booked into jail were #10. Possession of Meth with 4 cases.  #9 was Possession of Paraphernalia with 7 arrests, #8 was Battery with 8 cases, #7 was Dealing with 9 arrests and #6 was Driving While Suspended with 9 bookings.  Moving to the top five reasons, #5 was Possession of Marijuana with 12 arrests, #4 was Operating While Intoxicated with 12 bookings, #3 was Domestic Battery with 13 cases, and Operator Never Licensed was the number 2 reason why people were booked into the jail in January with 14 cases and the number 1 reason why was Failure to Appear with 21 incidents. 

The 138 inmates booked into the jail in January were arrested by all the police agencies in the county.  The Argos Police Department made 3 arrests, Bourbon had no arrests, Bremen made 8 arrests, Culver PD had 2, LaPaz police 0, Indiana State Police put 11 people behind bars last month, Plymouth Police Officer made 39 arrests, while Community Corrections had 4 and officers from the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department made 69 arrests.

On February 20th the jail reported 157 inmates.  There were 5 inmates serving time for misdemeanor charges and 56 serving time for felony charges.  The jail had 88 pre-trial inmates, 6 awaiting arraignment and 1 was being held for another agency. 

Of those 157 inmates, 130 were male and 27 were female.

The average daily population in the Marshall County Jail in January was 148. Six months earlier, in July 2023 the daily population was 162, and one year ago, January 2023 the average daily population in the county jail was 113.4. 

Marshall County police officers investigated 88 accidents in January, 69 were property damage, and 20 involved personal injury.  County officers issued 78 warnings or citations, conducted 24 security checks, and completed 61 case reports.   There are currently a total of 1,362 active warrants that haven’t been served.    

The Marshall County 911 and Central Dispatch Center received a total of 4,052 calls in January.  1,291 were calls to 911 and 99.61% of those calls were answered in 10 seconds or less.  There were 1,167 service calls for the Sheriff’s Department last month and 1,594 administrative calls.