Drivers in Bourbon will notice some changes in the next month or two.

During the February 13th meeting of the Bourbon Town Council members passed on the first reading of an ordinance converting certain YIELD signs in the town to STOP signs.

Les McFarland, President of the town council read the ordinance which said, “These yield signs have resulted in dangerous situations due to drivers failing to properly follow the rules of the road in following such yield signs.”

The intersection proposed for changes to stop signs are:

East North Street and North Thayer Street

East Park Street and North Washington Street

East Park Street and North Harris Street

West Sunset Avenue and North Thompson Street

East Sunset Avenue and North Washington Streets

West Jefferson Street and North Thompson Street

East Pine Street and North Washington Street

East North Street and Third Street

North Harris Street and East Pine Street and

East Jefferson Street and North Thayer Street.

The Bourbon Town Council believes this change will improve the safety and overall health and welfare of its citizens.  The ordinance went on to state, “The Town of Bourbon believes that this is in the best interest of all involved and that the conversion should take place immediately.”

The ordinance passed on its first reading.  The Bourbon Town Council will consider a second reading at their March meeting and may also approve the ordinance on a third and final reading next month.

Superintendent of Public Works, Roger Terry said once approved, it will take his department at least 2 to 3 weeks to change out the yield signs with stop signs.