Governor Eric Holcomb recently announced that he’s sending 50 soldiers from the Indiana National Guard to assist Texas’ ongoing security mission to stem the heavy flow of illegal immigration.

State Representative Jack Jordan (R-Bremen) said in a release,  “In December, U.S. Customs and Border Protection encountered more than 300,000 migrants along the US-Mexico border, marking the highest monthly total recorded since 2000. Following the recent direct request from Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, Holcomb announced he’s deploying our Hoosier guardsmen for 10 months.”

Soldiers will begin mobilizing for the mission immediately and will spend one week at Camp Atterbury for training on the operations of the mission with plans to arrive in Texas in mid-March.

Jordan said, “In January, I joined many of my House colleagues in calling on the governor to send our guardsmen to support the Texas border security mission.” Click here to read the letter.

Representative Jordan continued, “I’m deeply concerned about the border crisis and its devastating toll on U.S. citizens, law enforcement, social services, and the immigrants making the dangerous journey. The Biden Administration’s failed immigration policies serve as an open invitation for hardened criminals like drug dealers, human traffickers, cartel members, and terrorists to enter our country.”

Jordan closed his comments saying, “I fully support sending members of our Indiana National Guard to Texas and wish them safety and success in their mission.”