Tuesday evening members of the Marshall County Board of Zoning Appeals approved the request for a variance from Myron and Lisa Miller at 121 East County Line Road. 

The Millers needed a variance to allow a layer barn confined feeding operation that didn’t meet the 1,320-foot setback from a residence.  Twelve homes were sitting too close to the livestock operation with the closest being 576 feet from the barn. 

County Plan Director Ty Addley noted that 11 letters had been received from the neighbors who are supporting the variance request.  It was determined that one of the letters represented two residential properties. 

Adley said this area of the county is familiar with animal production and noted there are two animal barns southwest of the location.

The 11 letters were submitted during the public hearing and other than the letters there were no comments for or against the variance request.  With the recommendation of the staff and Technical Review Committee (TRC) and no public comments, the Marshall County Board of Zoning Appeals unanimously approved the variance request. 

The second request was a special use permit for a small engine repair home occupation by Henry Ankney at 3141 Plymouth LaPorte Trail in Polk Township.

Adley told the BZA that the engine shop had been operating at the location.  A complaint of junk and debris on the property brought the county out for an inspection.  Adley said while there has been some cleaning up but there needs to be more. 

The recommendation of staff and the TRC was approval with the stipulation that clean-up continues, with the Marshall County BZA to make the final determination.

Mr. Ankney now owns the property and said the previous owner was a hoarder and he’s working on cleaning up the property. 

The BZA had some concerns about the condition of the property and structures.  While some members wanted action taken on the conditions of the structures, Adley said those issues were something the Building Commissioner would handle and not the BZA.   

Mr. Ankney said this plan is to do the small engine work as a hobby and not a true business. 

During the public hearing, there were no comments, so the Marshall County Board of Zoning Appeals approved the special use request with the stipulation that clean up of the property continues.