City of Plymouth Clerk-Treasurer Lynn Gorski was granted approval to write off delinquent and uncollectable water wastewater, garbage, stormwater bills, and EMS bills during Monday’s meeting.

The Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety passed a resolution writing off $1,362.51 of uncollectable water, wastewater, garbage, and stormwater bills from 2021.

The delinquent funds include $651.42 in water bills, $165.18 for wastewater, $473.28 in garbage, $26.20 for stormwater and $46.13 for public hydrants.   

Gorski said in 2021 the city billed a total of $5,592,000 and the uncollectible amount represents .024% of those funds.

The EMS bills written off were from 2015.  The city billed a total of $606.282.73. and the uncollectable bills were $88,057.41 which represents 19% of the total billing.

The Board of Public Works also passed this resolution.   

It was noted that the uncollectable bills have been through the collection process and the city does keep a file in case someone comes back to town and wants to receive services from the city.  Gorski said they are required to pay the bad debts before getting city services. 

During the Common Council meeting, the clerk told members she was writing off the unpaid warrants, which are checks that haven’t been cashed from 2021.  13 checks were never cashed and totaled $518.44.