Indiana Senator for District 8 Mike Bohacek recently provided an update on several bills he authored or supported that passed the Senate during the first half of the session.

Senate Bill 14  would allow certain statewide elected officials and their staff and members of the Indiana Lobby Registration Commission to carry a handgun in the Statehouse or on the property of the state capitol complex.

Senate Bill 16 would establish a pilot program requiring courts to appoint a guardian ad litem in scenarios where a woman with an intellectual disability who is subject to guardianship has a child.

Senate Bill 17 would require websites that publish pornographic content to use reasonable age verification methods.

Senate Bill 182  would criminalize the use of a drone to deliver contraband to an inmate or intentionally obstruct or interfere with a correctional officer’s duties at a state correctional facility.

Senate Bill 293 would allow for a member of law enforcement to, in certain circumstances, serve as an agent for the property owner in an event where the owner is not present to deny someone entry or ask a person to leave.

Senator Bohacek said, “I am pleased these bills are moving to the House of Representatives for further consideration, and I look forward to supporting them as they continue through the legislative process.”

To learn more about these and other bills the senator is supporting this session, click here.