Last week the Plymouth Plan Commission held its monthly meeting in the council chambers of City Hall.  The commission welcomed two new members, City Attorney Dan Sellers and City Councilwoman Shiloh Milner. The Plan Commission also appointed Mark Gidley to be their representative on the Plymouth Board of Zoning Appeals.    

They also heard the request from the Plymouth Community School Corporation for a minor subdivision for three parcels at Plymouth High School and conducted a public hearing on the request.   

City Attorney Jeff Houin explained the need since Planning Consultant Ralph Booker wasn’t present for the meeting.

Plan Commission members saw the plat dividing the high school area into three different parcels.  The first parcel includes the administration building while lot two includes the school and south parking lot.  The third lot is the former service center and the property surrounding it on the north and east.

The replating is necessary to allow the school’s building corporation to secure finance for improvements.  Indiana law does not allow schools to take on long-term debt.  To do so, the corporation will transfer the real estate to the Plymouth High School Building Corporation which will secure the financing for the improvements. Once the debt is paid, the building corporation will return the real estate to the school corporation.

The improvements are within the school and will create a new space for CTE and Lifelong Learning in cooperation with the Marshall County Career Innovation Center.      

Bernie Feeney from Wightman Associates discussed the overall concept of the plan.  The improvements will be on the south end of Plymouth High School and will allow for the creation of space for the Early Childhood Development Center with automotive and a greenhouse area planned for the property near the former service center. 

Feeney said during the January Plymouth Board of Zoning Appeals the school corporation received variances for the zero setbacks that were needed for the request.

There were no comments during the public hearing and the Plymouth Plan Commission unanimously approved the minor subdivision plan for three lots at Plymouth High School.