There are numerous opportunities like apprenticeships and other work-based learning experiences that can open pathways for students to learn the skills they need. Indiana also needs more workers to fill high-demand, high-wage jobs. 

That’s why Representative Jack Jordan (R-Bremen) co-authored legislation that would expand the use of the Frank O’Bannon Grant and 21st Century Scholarship to include job training in addition to traditional college coursework. Jordan said, “This would provide opportunities for Hoosiers who may not be interested in pursuing a two- or four-year degree, to use these funds to skill up and obtain high-demand jobs.”

Representative Jordan also comments on House Bill 1001 by saying, “This bill would build on a law I supported during the 2023 legislative session, creating Career Scholarship Accounts for Hoosier students to pay for career training, apprenticeships, certifications, and internships. These accounts can be used by sophomores, juniors, and seniors to enroll in earn-and-learn opportunities, as well as to pay for items like transportation and uniforms.”

Jack Jordan closed his comment with, “We know employers across the state are struggling to find qualified candidates for job openings, and this effort is a critical step toward helping our students get connected and pay for the skills they need for in-demand careers.”

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