The Plymouth Park Board held their monthly meeting on Monday in the Conservation Clubhouse at 5 p.m.

With all board members present, bids were opened for a new pick-up truck and a new dump truck that are both in this year’s budget.

Three bids were received for the ¾ ton pick-up truck with cab and chassis. Superintendent Mike Hite said they are going to put a flatbed on it that will allow the park to have a multiple use vehicle. 

Auto Park in Plymouth presented a bid of $42,802 for a 2024 Dodge Ram pick-up truck.

Lochmandy Motors in Bremen gave the park department a bid of $48,042 for a 2024 Chevrolet 4×4.

Oliver Ford offered a bid for a 2024 F250 4×4 pick-up truck at $46,942.  

The Plymouth Park Board also opened three bids for the dump truck.

Lochmandy Motors bid a 2024 Dodge Ram 4500 with a regular cab and dump bed at $77,249 with no trade-in.

Oliver Ford presented a bid of $47,831 for an F350 regular cab and chassis and $23,982 for dump bed option number one or $44,671 for the second dump bed option.  The totals would be $71,813 or $92,502.  The trade-on value of the 1988 dump truck was $500.

The final bid on the dump truck was from McCormick Motors in Nappanee.  The bid for a 2024 Isuzu cab over chassis with dump bed was $68,226 with a $2,000 trade-in.      

Superintendent Hite asked the park board to allow him to take the bids under advisement for review of the specification and bid numbers and then award the bid to the lowest and most responsive bidder prior to next month’s meeting.  The Plymouth Park Board approved his request.