The Board of Directors for the Marshall County Solid Waste Management District conducted the monthly meeting on Monday at the office on Walter Glaub Drive. 

Executive Director Marianne Peters shared with members the 2023 Diversion Report.  This report shows the amount of tonnage that is deferred from the landfill by individuals, businesses and industries that use the Recycle Depot.  It also shows which materials the county receives a rebate for and which ones the county must pay the vendor to take. 

The materials that provide the Depot with some revenue include ferrous metal, glass, fiber, plastic, film, Styrofoam, batteries and electronics. 

Last year the county diverted 23 tons of ferrous material through OmniSource and received $1,467.45 for it.  While glass does pay, it’s very little.  The county collected 12 tons of glass and received $119.25 from Recycling Waste Services. Fiber recycling is cardboard, and the county recycled 138 tons of fiber for $3,592.03 through TriPower Recycling.  Plastic film and Styrofoam totaled 8 tons and the Recycle Depot was rebated $1,303.48 through TriPower Recycling for that material.  Batteries and electronics are recycled through Louis Salvage.  The county collected 6 tons and received a rebate of $5,014.07.   

Recycling materials that cost the Recycle Depot to remove are tires, co-mingled recycling, household hazardous waste, light bulbs and ballasts, paper shredding and recycling along with electronics.

Marshall County Recycle Depot kept 36 tons of tires from the landfill last year at a cost of $5,122.65 to Liberty Tire.  35 tons of comingled material was collected by Recycling Works and it cost the county $5,454.20 for the disposal fee.  Household hazardous waste collected in 2023 at the Recycle Depot in Plymouth weighed 10 tons and cost $18,283.64 to have NuGenesis haul it away.  Lighting Resources picked up 4 tons of light bulbs and ballasts last year and charged the county $6,978.30 to dispose of the material.  Paper shredding and recycling cost the county $2,550 to have 8 tons collected.  Integra was the vendor who provided that service.  Electronic waste continues to grow and in Marshall County, 45 tons were collected in 2023.  The county paid Greenwave $10,609.69 to remove the material collected at the Recycle Depot.

The Recycle Depot is open for Marshall County residents and businesses.  Most items are collected without any fees but there are some charges for a few items.  Check out the recycle Depot website at for information and hours of operation.