Mike Hite, Superintendent of the Plymouth Park Department updated park board members and the community on the three biggest projects currently on the books during Monday’s meeting.

Hite said the department will receive and open bids for the pickleball courts on March 4th during the next park board meeting. A pre-bid meeting will be held at 2:30 on Thursday afternoon February 15th in the council chambers of City Hall.  The project includes the construction of 5 or 6 new pickleball courts along with sidewalks at the Hunter Tennis Complex in Centennial Park. 

The project will be completed this year if the bids come in within budget.  Hite said they have about $230,00 for the project through the budget and donations. The Marshall County Community Foundation gave the park a $10,000 grant for the project.

The second project is the extension of the Greenway Trail from Centennial Park across Plymouth Goshen Trail and into Price’s Pond with a new pedestrian bridge over the Schuh Ditch.  The trail will wrap around the back side of the pond and use some of the parking area to get back to the street. 

Superintendent Hite said this project is set to bid late this fall with construction to begin in the spring of 2025. The park received an INDOT grant of $400,000 through Indiana Trails. The project is estimated to cost $598,000.

The final project Hite discussed was phase III of the Greenway Trail.  This project is the construction of the trail from the pedestrian bridge on Garro Street and into River Park Square.  The trail will wander along the Yellow River and connect up to the pedestrian bridge over the river into the south gateway. 

Former City Attorney Sean Surrisi had been working on the grant helping to fund this project.  Superintendent Hite said he’s been working to get up to date on the grant aspect of this project.  Hite said this is a Stellar Project through INDOT with an 80/20 split. Total cost is estimated to be $475,000 and the bid letting will be October 2024 with construction to be in 2025.