Attorney General Todd Rokita today launched Eyes on Education, a transparency portal to empower parents to further engage in their children’s education by providing a platform to submit and view potentially inappropriate materials in their schools. 

“As I travel the state, I regularly hear from students, parents and teachers about destructive curricula, policies or programs in our schools,” Attorney General Rokita said. “Our kids need to focus on fundamental educational building blocks, NOT ideology that divides kids from their parents and normal society. The media and schools themselves have continued to deny that this indoctrination is happening here in Indiana, so my office is launching Eyes on Education — a platform for students and parents to submit and view real examples of socialist indoctrination from classrooms across the state.”  

Here are several examples live on the portal already, including: 

  • gender support plan from Clark-Pleasant Community School Corp., which directs faculty not to disclose any information that reveals a student’s gender identity to others, including to their parents or guardians.
  • pride flag featuring a Black Lives Matter symbol in a classroom in Kokomo. (Black Lives Matter is a political organization. If classrooms choose to display this type of material, all other political organizations must have the same opportunity.) 
  • Carmel Clay survey that asks students their political beliefs, including their stance on abortion.
  • presentation from Martinsville High School instructing kids to “become emotionally independent of parents”
  • Race and gender-based college fairs and scholarships at Penn Harris Madison School Corporation.

The Office of the Attorney General will follow up on materials you submit to the portal that may violate Indiana law using investigative tools, including public records requests, and publish findings on the portal as well. 

Beyond K-12 classrooms, the Eyes on Education portal also accepts submissions involving colleges, universities and other affiliated academic entities in Indiana. 

From the start, Attorney General Rokita has consistently prioritized empowering parents — from creating and publishing the Parents’ Bill of Rights to stopping federal authorities’ investigation of parents deemed excessively vocal at school board meetings and other venues. The new portal continues that mission. 

“We not only want to help empower parents,” Attorney General Rokita said. “We also want to help empower excellent educators. In some cases, district bureaucrats suppress the conscientious efforts of caring and well-qualified teachers. Our portal is a place where educators, too, can submit examples of materials they find objectionable.” 

Visit our website and select ‘Eyes on Education’ to submit examples or view others from around the state.  

To submit to the portal, select the school corporation, name of the school, and upload your documents. Upon submission, someone from our office may contact you for additional information or clarification. Submissions to the portal will be reviewed and published regularly.