The Marshall County Commissioners will meet this morning at 8:30 in their second-floor meeting room of the County Building.  The meeting is open to the public and streams live from the county’s website at

The agenda for the meeting includes consideration of the 2024 Road Plan presented by County Highway Superintendent Jason Peters.  Patrick O’Donnel from Solential Energy will talk about renewable energy and Josh Winrotte from Purdue Extension will ask the commissioners to approve the 2024 Contractual Services Agreement.

Also, on the agenda is Planning Director Ty Adley with a public hearing on ordinance 2024-5 amending county zoning ordinance 2007-10.  County Clerk Jenny Bennitt will present HAVA 2023 Election Security Grant Agreement, and she also has a transfer of Asset/Inventory request.

The commissioners will hear from the County Attorney and the Auditor’s Report along with public comments.   Also on their agenda is the revised MOU with Saint Joseph Health System for the full-time Breathe Easy educator for school students and the QCC agreement for the jail. The commissioners will consider the scope and bid process for exterior repairs at the jail, and they will have the second reading of the ordinance for a new Marshall County Tourism Board.  Their agenda also includes an appointment to the Culver Library Board, the 2024 Liability Insurance and acceptance of the EMA Performance Grant Agreements for fiscal year 2023.