The Marshall County Unsafe Building Board met last week and received updates on three cases that were closed with the recent tax sale. 

Board President Bill Cleavenger said the Larry and Anita Boetsma property at 600 West Jefferson Street in Culver was sold at tax sale to Kevin Berger from Sand Hill Farms and a warranty deed was issued in October. 

Cleavenger said the new owners would like to have the Unsafe Board demolish the building rather than doing it themselves.  The Unsafe Building Board has reimbursed the lien of $11,495.

The second property where the Unsafe Building case was closed is at 4241 East Shore Drive in Bremen.  The property was owned by Clarence and Evelyn Bellman.  This property was sold at tax sale and the Unsafe Building Board lien of $14,840 was paid.

The final closed case was the property owned by Randall Walter at 16309 State Road 17 in Culver.  The $2,525 lien placed on the property by the Unsafe Board was paid after the tax sale.  

Unsafe Board member Jim Masterson asked if the delinquent owners have the one-year redemption period and Attorney Sean Surrisi said they do.  The only property transfer was for the Boetsma property.

Masterson also asked if any outstanding orders placed by the Unsafe Board are still active and Surrisi said they are and could be enforced by the board.