Earlier this month, County Highway Superintendent Jason Peters updated the commissioners on activities in his department. 

The commissioners approved the request of NIPSCO to work in the county’s right-of-way in Polk Township for their utility pole replacement projects. 

The second request from Frontier was for overhead work in Tippecanoe Township.  Peters told the commissioners there has been an issue with Frontier who claims the county damaged one of their pedestals during mowing season.  The highway department was able to prove the damage was done by a farmer. Frontier continues to send invoices to the county and hasn’t returned Peter’s calls.  The commissioners tabled their request for further information on the damage claim. 

Peters said the bid letting for the local bridge project on Ule Trail will be on November 18th.  He also said the notice to owner letters for the project have been sent out for appraising and work is beginning on the environmental permit application.  A request has been made to move the bid letting for the Randolph Street Bridge replacement project from December 11th to October 9th.  He said by doing this it puts the county in a better situation for the 100% construction phase match from INDOT.

The highway superintendent said tree removal began on the east side of the Mill Pond Dam.  There is a fence that is in the trees that will be taken out and they will work on the west side in the next week or so. 

Peters asked the commissioners to review the 2024 Road Program submitted to them earlier and address any concerns with him so that it can be approved at a February meeting.