While candidates continue to file in the Marshall County Clerk’s Office, the activity is for delegates to the conventions and Precinct Committee candidates.  There were also a couple of Democrats that filed on Monday. 

New filings for delegates to the Indiana State Republican Convention were E. Nelson Chipman and Janice K Holmes.  Three candidates filed to be delegates for the Indiana State Democratic Convention.  Those democrats were Michelle Livinghouse, Stephanie Peverelle, and Megan Rodges.

Candidates also continue to file for various precinct committee positions.  Danny A Barden filed as a Republican for North 1, Michael A. Delp filed as a Republican for North 2, Kevin Dunham filed as a Republican for Green, and Naomi Nelson filed as a Republican for Polk 2. 

Current State Representative for District 7 Jacob Teshka now has a challenger in the Republican Primary on May 7th.  Timothy J. Jaycox has also filed as a Republican for State Representative in District 7.   

Marshall County Voter Registration Deputy Melinda Keilman is keeping the local media up to date with campaign filings.