Marshall County Commissioner Kevin Overmyer stopped by the GIANT fm WTCA studios on Friday morning to announce his decision on seeking a seventh term.

Overmyer said the commissioners started coming on WTCA in 2002 when he, Cliff Allen and John Zentz were commissioners.  He said the relationship with WTCA throughout the years has brought county government to the citizens of Marshall County and that was why he wanted to make his announcement on the radio.

About 10 days ago, Commissioner Overmyer slipped on the ice at home and shattered his left shoulder.  At this same time, he’s been battling an infection in the bone in his big toe and been on daily IV antibiotics at the hospital.

Speaking with What’s Your Opinion show host Kathy Bottorff and guest co-host Barb Holcomb he said, “With all these health things that I have going on with me right now, I have no desire to seek reelection to commissioner in district 1.  It will be 25 years in August and as I look back over the times, people have changed, and I will be 68 this year.”  He went on to say that as a diabetic, stress doesn’t help your physical condition. Overmyer said, “I’m just going to get rid of some stuff.  I’m going to enjoy and not go through this rat race anymore.  To me, to my health and Melody and Suzann and the grandkids, it just not worth it, so I’m not going to seek re-election.”

The commissioner said, “It’s all been good.  I’ve enjoyed the 25 years and 5 months but it’s time that I take care of myself and my family.”   He did say it was a hard decision.

Currently there is only one candidate for the position.  Jesse Bohannon filed for the district 1 seat earlier this month.  Overmyer said he wanted to announce now in case there was someone out there thinking about filing but hadn’t yet because they weren’t sure what he was going to do.  Overmyer said it will be interesting to see what direction this county goes.