Members of the Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety took action on three requests during last week’s meeting.

Clerk Lynn Gorski presented a request from Park Superintendent Mike Hite.  He requested to have the payment ready for the DJ entertaining for the annual Daddy-Daughter Dance on February 10th.  The Board of Public Works approved his request. 

The second request came from Mike Delp of Michiana LLC who owns the building that Dollar General leases on the south side of Plymouth.  He requested a dusk-to-dawn streetlight on the NIPSCO pole at 1539 South Michigan Street.

Delp told the board the manager at Dollar General requested the light due to customers complaining that they couldn’t see the driveway at night. 

Street Superintendent Jim Marquardt said they didn’t want to put a light in for just one business but looking at South Michigan Street, he said there are no streetlights between Jackson Heights and the end of the cemetery.  Marquardt’s recommendation was to install four streetlights, one on every other pole.

Councilman Doe Ecker asked how long it would take to do a thorough evaluation.

Marquardt said he wasn’t sure what the city’s monthly rate from NIPSCO is for each streetlight and suggested board members drive out and look at the situation. 

Ecker suggested tabling the request for more information and the board approved.

The final request was from the Heartland Artists to close Michigan Street from LaPorte Street to Washington Street.  Anna Kietzman said they are hosting the 10th Annual Arts in the Street Festival on Saturday, July 27th.  The event has extended hours this year from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.   

Now that they have city approval to close the street, Heartland Artists will seek approval from INDOT since Michigan Street is also State Road 17.