A but big shoutout to Plymouth High School alumni Lt. Mark Danielson (PHS ‘09) who will be performing the flyover at the NFC Championship game this Sunday. Lt. Danielson, one of the F35 pilots from VFA-125 Rough Raiders, Airstation Lemoore, is ready to soar! Catch the excitement during the National Anthem on Fox.

While at PHS Mark earned varsity letters in track and field, basketball and tennis at Plymouth High School; earned all-conference honors in track and field as a senior; posted career-best times of 50.0 in the 400-meter dash and 1:56.51 in the 800-meter run.

Lt. Danielson was born in July 1990, in Plymouth and is the son of Randy and Eleanor Danielson. He has two sisters, Olivia and Renee and went to Purdue with the intensions of major in engineering.