During last week’s County Council meeting, members made several appointments. 

Jim Kephart was appointed to a 4-year term on the Marshall County Board of Zoning Appeals and Maria Keller was re-appointed to a 1-year term on the Marshall County Alcoholic Beverage Commission. Shannon Lunetta was appointed to a 1-year term for Culver Economic Development and the council changed from Mandy Campbell on the Fair Board to Becky Carswell for a 1-year appointment.  The County Council’s appointment to the Plymouth Economic Development had been Robert Listenberger but since he has been elected mayor they selected Cathy Wraight to that position. 

Council appointments include Nicole Cox to EMA, the council’s Job Classification sub-committee, and the sub-committee for Budget and Finance.  Will Patterson will serve on the Community Corrections Advisory Board and LEPC.  Adam Faulstich was appointed to the Technology Committee, Courthouse Security, and Technology Committee.  Jesse Bohannon’s appointments include the Central Dispatch Committee, MACOG, and the council’s sub-committee on Highway and Budget and Finance.

Other councilmember appointments include Tim Harman to the Central Dispatch Committee, Highway sub-committee, Job Classification sub-committee, and Budget & Finance sub-committee.  Jim Masterson is on the Solid Waste Board and Unsafe Building Board. Deborah Johnson was appointed to the Marshall County Plan Commission and Highway sub-committee and Job Classification sub-committee.

The Marshall County Council appointed Harold Diedrich to the Extension Board but during the public comment questions popped up on that appointment. 

Steve Berry, asked about a council representative to the Extension Board. 

Council President Jesse Bohannon said they made that appointment and Councilwoman Nicole Cox said the appointment was Harold Diedrich. 

Karen Richey and Brieanna Slonaker, Extension Educators in Purdue Marshall County asked about that same appointment.  The extension educators were under the assumption that the appointment would be a member of the county council or a commissioner. 

Councilwoman Nicole Cox asked what the Extension Board by-laws say, and Mrs. Richey said she didn’t have them with her. 

In the discussions that have been happening with Purdue and the annual contract, Cox said Josh Winrotte, the area director told her they could have a representative on the extension board but didn’t detail that it had to be a council or commissioner member. 

A message from Winrotte to the extension office that day said a member of the council or commissioners. It also said that the appointment was not for a board member but a representative.

The County Council changed the appointment from Harold Diedrich to council member Nicole Cox.       

Cox questioned about not being a voting member so additional conversations need to happen between the Extension Board and the Purdue area representative.