During the regularly scheduled meting of the Argos Town Council on Wednesday, January 17th, newly elected Councilman Bob Byers publicly declared a business partnership with the Argos Parks and Recreation Board. 

Byers said, “I have spoken in depth with our legal counsel Derek Jones about my potential business conflict.  I own and operate BB Vending LLC of Argos and as of January 1st I now serve as an elected member of the Argos Town Council.”

During the January 3rd meeting of the Argos Town Council, Byers was appointed as the town’s liaison to the Argos Parks and Recreation Board.  He is not a voting member of the park board. 

Byers said, “I believe in 100% transparency in government and was worried about this conflict. I have spoken with Mr. Jones, and he assures me that this is not a conflict as the handshake agreement with the board was in place in the spring of 2023 before I considered running for the town council.”

The Argos Park Board makes the decisions on the vending services for the parks under their care.  Byers said, “My business operates these machines and does 100% of the upkeep and maintenance and in return the park board receives a commission for the sales.”

Byers also spoke during the January 18th meeting of the Argos Park Board and confirmed that the partnership is not a conflict according to the town attorney.  He said if there is ever any discussion in regard to vending service during their meetings he will not attend, allowing for fairness and transparency. 

Before the next Argos Park Board meeting Byers will present a written contract that explains everything, they have in the current handshake agreement. 

Byers said transparency is very important to him and releasing this information, even though there is no conflict, is the right thing to do.  He said, “It is my privilege and honor to serve my fellow neighbors and fellow business owners in Argos and it is even more important that no appearance of conflict of interest for my own personal financial gain be present.”