Marshall County EMA Director Jack Gardner says a weather system will bring 3 to 5 inches of snow tonight and into Friday morning. Accumulation amounts should be uniform throughout the county. Once that weather system passes, lake effect snow will ramp up, bringing additional snowfall and at much higher rates.

As with any lake effect snow event, your proximity to Lake Michigan will dictate how much additional snow you’ll receive. Garner says Polk, North, and West Townships will see more snow than Tippecanoe, Walnut, and Bourbon. Anywhere from 1-6″ of additional snowfall can be expected between Friday morning into late Friday night.

Travel will be dangerous throughout all of Friday and into much of Saturday. Roads will be slick and lake effect snow squalls can drastically reduce visibility. Marshall County will remain at the Travel Advisory level in preparation for the storm.

The National Weather Service has bumped up snowfall totals from previous forecasts. Northwest Marshall County is eyeing nearly 8″ of snow on Friday if the lake effect bands set up as expected. Don’t be shocked if the bands reach further south and/or east than predicted also.