The Culver Police Department has two new officers.

Culver Police Chief Wayne Bean is excited to have the Culver Police Department back up to full force with two new hires.

Officer Tracy Owens put herself through the police academy being sponsored by a department.  While she is not working as a police officer, Owens is a reserve officer for Sheridan.  She and her kids will eventually relocate to the Culver area.   

Officer Larry Jolley is a seasoned officer with 29 years of experience.  He is currently with a 1st Sergeant with the Fulton County Sheriff’s Department.

Culver Police Chief Wayne Bean said Officer Jolley will be on the road within a week or two while the time frame for Officer Owens to begin patrolling the community is uncertain. 

The chief said both officers will participate in the department’s Field Training by riding along with Culver officers to learn how the department operates and the paperwork that is required and to familiarize themselves with the community.   

Photos by Jamie Fleury at the Pilot News