Attorney General Todd Rokita invites fellow, regular Hoosiers to visit to see if they have some extra money waiting for them to make this year even better than the last. 

“We set the record last year by returning over $81 million to our hardworking Hoosiers who deserve to have their money returned,” Attorney General Rokita said. “My office is committed to serving the people of Indiana and protecting their individual liberty. Getting unclaimed property back in the hands of its rightful owner is crucial.”  

With the new year rolling in, let’s celebrate together with newly discovered cash.  

After decimating the prior record set in 2014, Attorney General Rokita’s office returned over $81 million in unclaimed property to its rightful owners in 2023. Since taking office, Attorney General Rokita has returned $191 million in unclaimed property. 

New property is added to regularly. Make it your New Year’s resolution to search for your name or your family.

Regularly, unclaimed property is any financial asset with no activity by its owner for an extended period of time. This can include once unclaimed property in its custody. The Unclaimed Property Division at Attorney General Rokita’s office conducts outreach efforts to locate the rightful owners or heirs.    

Individuals and/or businesses have 25 years to claim money once it is reported to the Unclaimed Property Division. 

Hundreds of millions of dollars are still waiting to be claimed, and it can be returned to its rightful owners this year.

Visit or text CLAIM to 46220 to search your name, family, or business.

You can also contact the Unclaimed Property Division at 1-866-462-5246 or   

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