The Marshall County Council approved 2024 contracts for legal assistance and financial consulting during their meeting last Thursday. 

The agreement for legal assistance with Marcellus Lebbin from Lebbin Law in South Bend to the County Council is like the 2023 agreement except for a price increase.  The scope of work includes actual or potential litigation, appeals, contracts, meetings and transactions as requested by the council members. 

Fees in the agreement are $300 hourly and they bill in six-minute intervals.  Expenses covered in the agreement include printing, photocopying, delivery services, postage, computerized legal research, deposition fees, court costs, filing fees, expert and non-expert witness fees, travel, lodging, meals, and other staff services. Expenses are itemized separately on the billing statements.   

The County Council also approved the annual financial consultant’s service agreement with Cender Daton Municipal Advisors in Merrillville. 

The scope of services in the agreement are related to the county budget and wage and job descriptions. 

Fees for professional consulting and financial advisory services include the actual cost of printing, mileage and travel expenses that will be submitted monthly by invoice.  Hourly rates are $250-$350hourly for partners, $200 hourly for principal advisors, $170 hourly for municipal advisors, $155 hourly for senior associates, $130 hourly for associates, $100 for consultants, $90 for analysis, and $75 for administrative assistants.