The Marshall County Council conducted their first meeting of the new year last Thursday, January 11th in the second-floor meeting room of the County Building.

The first order of business was reorganization with the election of officers.  The council voted to keep the same officers, Jesse Bohannon as president and Tim Harman as vice-president.

The County Council approved several requests for additional appropriations.  The Opioid Unrestricted Funds, in the amount of $24,576.87 were appropriated into the Contractual Services line item.  The funds will allow the part-time youth educator for Breathe Easy Marshall County to be a full-time position this year. 

The second additional request was appropriating funds for the Owner-Occupied Rehab Project. The grant funds appropriated for five homes in the project was $215,590.

The County Council approved appropriating funds for the Crisis CoAg COVID-19 grant in the amount of $110,000 for the County Health Department.  The funds were placed into wages-overtime, wages-school liaison, employer social security, group health insurance, group life insurance, PERF, supplies, travel/mileage and training.

The final additional appropriation was the COVID-19 Insurance Reimbursement totaling $99,965.02.  These funds were divided into supplies, contractual, training, printing and advertising.

The County Council also approved the transfer requested by Community Corrections Project Income.  $69,286.67 will be transferred from monitoring fees-adults to electronic monitoring equipment.