Last week the Plymouth Board of Zoning Appeals considered a variance of development standards request for the Plymouth Community School Corporation.  They sought a few zero-setbacks side-yard and rear setbacks for two proposed lots.

During the meeting, Plan Consultant Ralph Booker explained the reasoning saying the school corporation needs to subdivide some property at the high school for use in future capital projects.

The property division will allow the school corporation to transfer some property into a building corporation to be able to undertake long-term debt for projects. School corporations in Indiana aren’t allowed to take on long-term debt.  The building corporation will secure bonds for the construction. This process allows the school to retain ownership of the property while the building corporation takes on the debt.

Bernie Feeney from Wightman said the school is planning for two new buildings, a greenhouse behind the old bus garage and east of the Administration Building. The second is a building for early childhood education in addition to the current Plymouth High School building.  It would be west of the Administration Building.

Board of Zoning Appeals member Mark Gidley questioned if other schools participating in the programs would assist in the debt services payments.  While various schools will sign agreements to have students participate in the programming they can’t be obligated to pay for the cost of construction.

During the Public Hearing, there were no comments.    

The Plymouth Board of Zoning Appeals approved the variance requested.  Next month the Plymouth Plan Commission will hear the school’s request to create separate lots to keep the project moving forward.