The Culver Community Schools Superintendent Karen Schuman sent a voicemail to parents concerning the bomb threat.

Middle/High School received a possible bomb threat this morning, January 9th at 11:24. The bomb threat was received in a different county about the Culver Middle/High School.  

Superintendent Schuman assures parents that all students are safe.  

All middle/high school students have been evacuated and bussed to Culver Elementary School at this time.  

Parents of Culver middle/high school students may pick up their children at Door A of Culver Elementary School.  

The Middle/High School is currently being searched by police officers from the Culver Police Department, Marshall County Sheriff’s Department, and the Indiana State Police. 

If the all-clear sign is given students will be returned to the building, if it isn’t safe additional information will be sent for picking up students.