The Plymouth Community School Board will meet on Tuesday at 6 p.m. with a public hearing for the superintendent’s contract and the regular monthly board meeting and at 6:30 a Board of Finance meeting. 

The proposed contract for Superintendent Mitch Mawhorter has a base salary of $140,000 with an annuity of $8,400 for his Voluntary Employees’ Beneficiary Association (VEBA) plan which is a tax-exempt trust typically funded by an employer to help employees pay for eligible medical expenses.  The superintendent also gets a $3,500 vehicle allowance, a $900 technology allowance, $27,204 contributed to his group health, dental, and vision plan along with a life insurance plan of $399.  The contract includes $800 for association memberships for a total of $184,213.

Following the public hearing on the superintendent’s contract, the Plymouth School Board will reorganize with the election of officers and set meeting dates and times.

Also on their agenda are retirements with the only one being considered for Kelly Reinholt, a Special Education Teacher at PHS.  The effective date of her retirement was 12-21-23. 

Resignations include:

  • Elizabet Gallardo, PHS, Financial Secretary, resignation effective 01-05-24
  • Ashley McCallum, JESSE LEA, School Based Therapist, resignation effective 01-12-24
  • Heather Woodward, PHS, Golf Girls Head Coach ECA #1180, resignation effective 12-04-23
  • Heather Woodward, PHS Gof Girls Summer Head Coach ECA #1185, resignation effective 12-04-23
  • Ivan Turcios-Martinez, PHS, Soccer Boys Summer Assistant Coach ECA #1192, resignation effective 08-08-23
  • Kristen Jones, PHS, Special Education Administrative Assistant, resignation effective 12-15-23
  • Graham Chapman, PHS, Golf Boys Assistant Coach ECA #1071, resignation effective 12-20-23
  • Nicholas Langowski, LJH, Football Assistant Coach ECA #2011, resignation effective 01-04-24
  • Jennifer Maddox, PHS, Special Education Aide, resignation effective 12-28-23

Appointments include:

  • Elizabeth Bacon, MEN, Student Teacher, effective 01-08-24
  • Benjamin Montalbano, PHS, Student Teacher, effective 01-08-24
  • Maria Hernandez, PHS, Student Teacher, effective 01-08-24
  • Pamela Rosas, MEN, Student Teacher, effective 01-08-24
  • Jeanne Tanner, RIS, MTSS Team ECA #9102, effective 12-12-23
  • Jessica Wright, NIESC LEA, Assistant Director of Cooperative Purchasing, effective 01-01-24
  • Monica Seren, NIESC LEA, Training Support Specialist, effective 01-01-24
  • Mayra Ruiz, WEB, Cafeteria Dishwasher, effective 12-18-23
  • Jesus Jimenez Garcia, PHS, Soccer Boys Summer Head Coach ECA #1092, effective 01-09-24
  • Janet Berkin, SVC, Bus Driver, effective 12-21-23
  • Wendelyn Teall, PHS, Financial Secretary, effective 01-03-24
  • Megan Schori, WEB, Substitute Aide, effective 01-09-24

Transfer request are

  • Hannah Jacobs, WDA, Substitute Aide Transfer to WDA, Corporation Aide, effective 12-07-23
  • Jessica Hershberger, JESSE LEA, Occupational Therapist Transfer to PHS, Occupational Therapist, effective 07-01-24
  • Laura Scott, JESSE LEA, Physical Therapist Transfer to PHS, Physical Therapist, effective 07-01-24
  • Jesus Jimenez Garcia, PHS, Soccer Boys Assistant Coach ECA #1091 Transfer to PHS, Soccer Boys Head Coach ECA #1090, effective 01-09-24
  • Mackenzie Johnson, RIS, Substitute Aide Transfer to RIS, Special Education Aide, effective 12-13-23
  • Laura Jones, ADM, Substitute Teacher Transfer to WEB, Temporary 1st Grade Teacher, effective 01-08-24
  • Hope Koontz, PHS, Special Education Aide Transfer to ADM, Substitute Teacher-Aide, effective 12-22-23

Also on the agenda for Tuesday’s school board meeting is permission to advertise for bids, consider bids for an internet service provider, consideration of the Transfinder agreement, and consideration of legal counsel since Jeff Houin has resigned to become the full-time city attorney.  Members will also appoint a liaison to the Plymouth Redevelopment Committee, a legislative liaison, a negotiation liaison, and the Marshall County Strategic Plan Committee.

The Plymouth school board meeting is live-streamed for the convenience of patrons.