During last week’s Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety, Police Chief Dave Bacon announced a resignation. 

The chief said Patrolman Lance Balsley resigned from his position on the first of the month.

The chief was permitted to open the hiring process.  The police department will be accepting applications through the end of the month.    The chief said they will now have two positions to fill. 

Jokingly Mayor Senter asked what the age limit was for the openings since he is now out of a job and the chief told him he was well past it. 

In other business, Street Superintendent Jim Marquardt told the Board of Public Works & Safety he was contacted by Ward Byers the Director of Safety and Security with a request for an additional streetlight.  The request is for a light on Berkley Street between the administration office and the service center.  Marquardt said it is dark in that location and asked for permission to have NIPSCO install another city streetlight on the existing pole.  The board approved his request. 

The Street Superintendent said his department is picking up Christmas trees throughout the city.  People need to put the tree at the curb.  There should be no lights, decorations or tree stands on the trees. The real trees will be gathered up and chipped up by Street Department employees.