During the Plymouth Common Council meeting Wednesday evening Jen Klingerman, the city’s HR Director presented an update on the 2024 benefits.  She noted the update was later than normal because they’ve been waiting for the new agreement for clinic services.

Klingerman said she and the city attorney were expecting a jump in benefit costs due to inflation and anticipated a 20 to 25 percent increase.  She had good news for council members.

The vision and life insurance renewals are at the same rate the city had for 2023.  The dental insurance had a minimal increase of $.15 a month per person and was budgeted for 2024. 

The medical benefit was where they thought the city would take a hit, but Klingerman said the broker was able to negotiate an increase of 11% with only one minor change in the prescription tiers.  She said, “It’s a little bit of a jump but a lot less than what we were anticipating with inflation.  The increase is well within our anticipated budget for 2024.”

The city’s HR director said they have signed with LifePlex Medical for clinic services for the city’s employees, spouses and eligible dependents.  Those 330 people will be able to seek health care through the clinic where Lisa Jones will be the main provider.  They will also take over the city’s workman’s comp and DOT physicals.    

It was noted that LifePlex Medical is only open for employer groups and not the general public right now.