The Marshall County Election Board held two public hearings during their meeting Wednesday, December 20th.

Ginny Bess Munroe and Friends of Culver were both fined nominal fees of $50 each for filing Campaign Finance Reports late.

Munroe requested that the board consider certified mail as a method of notification as opposed to email which can be unreliable. She also requested that the board provide education materials in the candidate packet to further detail important dates and processes. She also recommended that the board establish clear policies with a defined process for how they will govern late campaign finance report filings and other such responsibilities in the future.

President Ralph “Rick” Huff apologized for the issuance of a fine prior to holding a public hearing initially. That decision was rescinded. The public hearings were scheduled. Apart from that oversight the process complied with State Statute.

All parties at the meeting agreed that there was no nefarious intent by the Election Board in their handling of the situation or by the candidates who filed late. It was also noted that a late filing is a civil issue – not criminal.

Voter Registration Deputy Melinda “Mindy” Keilman updated the board that the new VVPAT machines were delivered.

2023 Year-End Campaign Finance Reports are due by January 17, 2024 at 12 p.m. (noon). January 10th is the first day to file for candidacy. The deadline to file for candidacy in the Primary Election is February 9th, 2024 at 12 p.m. (noon).

A condensed version and the complete version of the 2024 Indiana Election Calendar published by the Indiana Election Division with important deadlines for all candidates and voters can be found online at

The Indiana Election Division is located at 302 West Washington Street, Room E204, Indianapolis, IN 46204-2743. The phone number listed to reach the office is 317-232-3939 or 1-800-622-4941.

The information online reflects Indiana law as of July 2023. Election law dates are subject to change by the Indiana General Assembly.

A disclaimer on the condensed 2024 Indiana Election Calendar brochure states: This condensed version of the official 2024 election calendar is intended for the use of the general public. Where your legal rights are involved, do not rely on this calendar. Consult your attorney or research the law yourself.

Questions can be directed to Marshall County Clerk of Courts Jenny Bennitt at or by calling 574-936-8922. The clerk’s office is located at 211 Madison St. and is open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday with the exception of Marshall County government / employee holidays.

Article & photo By Jamie Fleury Staff Writer Pilot News Group

Photo: Voter Registration Deputy Melinda “Mindy” Keilman, President of the Election Board Ralph “Rick” Huff who will be retiring effective January 1, Susie Kreighbaum who will be replacing him on the board, Vice President Adam Lukenbill, and Proxy Bryan Howard for Marshall County Circuit Court Clerk / Secretary of the Election Board Jenny Bennitt.