Members of the Bourbon Town Council consider next year’s salaries for employees, department heads, and elected officials during the December 12th meeting.     

The town council approved the 2024 Salary Ordinance at their meeting last week.  Council president Ward Byers noted that there will be 26 paydays next year.

Town Clerk Kim Berger said the salaries for employees in the police department were discussed and approved in October and November.  They will be getting a $5,000 increase in the 2024 Salary Ordinance. She said the remainder of the town employees will see a 3.5% increase.

Councilman Les McFarland said he’d had conversations with employees in the Utility Department and some of them were wanting a larger increase next year.  He thought the town’s salary ordinance reflected giving employees a pay increase if they have or obtain a dual certification. 

The clerk told the council the salary ordinance does have a pay scale for employees with dual certifications, but the town doesn’t currently have anyone with a dual certification in the line item.  She said it is also detailed in the job descriptions.

If the Utilities Department employee achieves the dual certification, the town council would have to amend the Salary Ordinance to reflect the wage increase once they have verified the certification.

Following the discussion, the Bourbon Town Council unanimously approved the 2024 Salary Ordinance.