Monday morning Plymouth Mayor Mark Senter was “blown away” by a surprise presentation from a U.S. Representative. 

Family members, special guests, and city department heads were on hand to watch as Congressman Rudy Yakym surprised Mayor Senter.

The Congressman said when historians do research, one of the first places they look is the Congressional Record.  As a member of Congress, he can put things into the congressional record, and in honor of Mayor Mark Senter’s many years of service to the Plymouth community he will be putting an entry into the congressional record on the mayor’s behalf. 

The congressman then read the entry which said, “Mr. Speaker, I’m proud to recognize and congratulate Mayor Mark Senter who is completing his ten-year of dedicated service to Plymouth, Indiana at the end of this month.  Currently serving in his fourth term, Mayor Senter has advanced solutions that have made Plymouth a better place to live, work, and raise a family.     

In particular, Mark can and should be proud of his work in helping create downtown Plymouth’s River Park Square which hosts the popular Mayor’s Month of Music every August. 

Prior to becoming Mayor, Mark served as a trooper and detective with the Indiana State Police for 28 years.  Mark’s service on the thin blue line has given him valuable first-hand knowledge of public safety issues our communities face as well as the brave sacrifices law enforcement officers make in the line of duty every single day. 

As he prepares to step down as mayor, spend more time with his family, and write the next chapter of his life, I’m proud to congratulate Mark on a distinguished career and a job well done. 

The Plymouth community and all of Marshall County is unquestionably better off thanks to this good man with a servant’s heart. 

I join Hoosiers throughout Indiana’s Second Congressional District in expressing our gratitude to Mayor Mark for his service in wishing him and his wife LeAnne, and their family all the very best going forward.”

Mayor Senters’s first comment was, “Wow! I’m blown away.  I wouldn’t have worn jeans if I’d known this,” which brought a chuckle from those in attendance.  He thanked the congressman for the honor, and those attending could tell he was truly shocked.  The mayor also apologized for being late for Monday’s meeting, thinking it was at 10:30 instead of 10:15. 

Mayor Mark thanked the department heads who attended the event by saying, “Every one of you makes the day easier with the flow of the city.  I never micromanaged. I hope everyone realizes that.  There are times when I probably should have managed a little better, but I never micromanaged.” 

Telling one of his stories, the mayor said he had a conversation in 2006 when he was considering running for mayor with someone who said, “If you put the right people around you, you can do anything and that is true.”  He closed his comments by thanking his department heads again.