The 2024 Fee Schedule and Meeting Dates were approved by members of the Plymouth Park Board last week.

The meeting date will be the first Monday of each month at 5 p.m. in the Conservation Club House.  The first meeting of 2024 will be held on Tuesday, January 2nd due to Monday being New Year’s Day.  The only other Tuesday meeting for the Plymouth Park Board will be Tuesday, September 3rd due to Labor Day being on Monday, September 2nd.    

Park Superintendent Mike Hite said the fee schedule for next year is the same.  He commented that revenues have been good and users are used to the fees that were implemented two years ago, so he recommended keeping them the same for 2024.

Shelter fees are typically $30 and $50 for residents and $50 and $80 for non-residents while picnic sites are $15 for residents and $25 for non-residents.  

The Webster Recreation Center and Conservation Clubhouse are $300 for residents and $400 for non-residents with the Young Amphitheater a flat $250 and the River Park Square Performance Area including the concession and stage $400.  The full-day rental for Price’s Park is $750 and Nixon Field is $250.

City Attorney Sean Surrisi said since the board-approved fees haven’t changed, he would investigate but didn’t think the City Council would have to approve since the fees were staying the same. 

The Park Board unanimously approved the 2024 Fee Schedule.